Transform leadership through consciousness

The clear and explicit focus of all my trainings is the reduction of complexity. The reason for this is my personal experience that the core of most challenges is simple. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to find because of too many details, a lack of focus and a way too much information. These may be technical aspects, such as a rapidly changing market environment due to digitalization, or human aspects, such as the introduction of complex control instruments due to a lack of trust in the organization or the employees. 

Based on my business and coaching experience, I see three areas that have great positive growth potential. I have developed a special training program for each of these areas:

  1. The development of a mission statement and a vision that is present and can be lived with joy.
  2. A clear and simple strategic direction in times of change and uncertainty.
  3. The ability to turn regular teams into high-performance teams and to accompany them as true leaders.

Further focal points of my work are:

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Team Conflicts
  • Leadership and Health
  • Leadership for Digital Natives and Millenials
  • Leadership and Mentoring for entrepreneurs

For these and all other concerns, whether coaching or training, please contact me directly. With a lot of awareness and empathy as well as a wide range of methods, we will create exactly the right solution for your request.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement and Vision

What is my/our mission?
What is my/our vision?


Mastering complexity through effective decisions!

How do you continue to make good decisions on a clear strategic course in markets with maximum dynamics, high pressure to change and great uncertainty?


Team performance and leadership personality

What transforms a regular team into a high-performance unit?
How effective is the leadership team?

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