blood, sweat and tears

The past three days were intense, especially for me as a father. In fact, they were bloody. Blood, sweat, and tears in a manner of speaking. My son’s blood and tears and therefore sweat on my forehead. The kid is nearly two years old and got a talent for running into things, falling down nearly everywhere or hurt himself in other more unusual ways. I am in fact familiar with to audacious kids because my three daughters are not innocent in any way on this topic - but the little guy trumps them all.

A triple bloody child

It all started when he decided to climb onto a chair, just to use it as an intermediate step to pull himself up on a wooden horse. He nearly achieved this goal, until he slipped off then pirouetted and fell off the chair. On the way down his chin met with the chair in a very hurtful way and on top of that he bit his lower lip. Blood, sweat, and tears number one.

The day after that his lip was quite swollen and he was looking for new adventures. At the end of the day when he was supposed to sleep and I tried to pick him up for bed, he got hurt again. Maybe in his opinion, it was too early for that but at the moment I was going to pick him up he accelerated again and I only got him halfway.  As a result, he slipped and fell straight on his face. This time it was the upper lip. Blood, sweat, and tears again.

The first thing I did the next day was to check his teeth. Thankfully no wiggling there. Still, I decided to start with a peaceful little walk with him in the buggy. Normally he is sitting quietly, chilling and observing the nature around him. What can happen there, right? It actually came out as planned for the first half of the way until he decided that a jump out of the buggy would be fun. This time both his lips and the nose were bleeding. So, blood, sweat, and tears for the third time.

What you can learn from kids about persistence

Though I am sitting here thinking about the injuries that are going to come with this little adventurer. I am happy that supposedly nothing will stop him to explore the world and try out new things - although or even because there are risks. And I am sorry for him because there will be more blood, sweat, and tears in his future. And I am thinking that many people today lack these qualities. Follow your instincts and fail. Instead of avoiding risks we should attack them like he does, fail like he does, earn the pain like he does, be sad like he is and stand up to try it again like he does. You can learn from kids. This is overused at a term but still true.  

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