The source of confidence

Where does confidence come from? To be or at least to act like your are confident is crucial to nearly everyone’s personal success in career and other areas of life. No one who looks like to be unconfident is going to get or stay in any important leadership position in a successful company. Besides confidence is also essential for relationships with your spouse, your family, or friendship. Even while shopping and trying to get a discount it is super useful to be confident.

Your own personal confidence builder

So where does confidence come from? Or asked in another way: Where is confidence built or created? My first suggestion is that most people get their confidence out of their most successful and controllable part of life. A place where they feel in control and where they perform in excellence most of the time. Often that would be the career. But it could also be a partnership, friendship, or sports et cetera. It is probably always a mixture but I suppose there is a dominant part. This concept is fine but easily threatened. Actually, when this biggest successful part of life changes or goes away the confidence also fades. 

In this case, people are in trouble because they have to act confident instead of feeling confident. There is nothing to rely on anymore. As far as I can see this is a dangerous state for everybody. Having to act in the opposite of what someone really feels leads to a fast dropping energy level, and the breakdown will eventually come. One solution could be in evolving a new „confidence power plant“ by finding another successful part in life. But that is not the best way.

bottom line: the best source of confidence

Imagine everything you own, you are, and what you stand for goes away. What would that feel like and what would that do to your confidence? If you feel that you would stay positive and still might be confident it is probably because you get your confidence from a deeper inner core in your mind and body. For me, this is the goal on this topic. If your confidence is not tied to the different circumstances around you than no beatdown can stop you. You are truly unstoppable. And this feeling is priceless.

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