Mission Statement and Vision

Almost all companies can answer the question of what they do. Many also know how to do what they do. Very few companies can answer the question why they are doing what they do. These companies are usually the most successful. This is especially the case when a detailed vision is developed in addition to the clear WHY.

This training deals with the central questions of every company: 
What is my/our mission?
What is my/our vision? 

This is where the foundation of their success lies. It is also the basis for all customer communication and successful differentiation from the competitors. This training leads you to a clear "WHY" and an inspiring vision of the future of your company or as an individual.

The training is based on a stringent step-by-step methodology based on the mission statement work from the Swiss leadership expert and business mentor Heinz Kaegi.

Target Group: Top Management / Management / Teams
Duration: 1-3 days, depending on depth required
Organization: offsite (recommended) or in-house

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